Ballpark Pub

The pub at 514 W. Pershing Road is a Sox fan’s dream. Even before you find the team logos inside, you’ll walk over a full-size batter’s box outside the front door.

​The menu features an array of meats all smoked in house, like ribs, brisket sliders and jumbo chicken wings. Tapas offerings include mac and cheese, beer-battered onion rings and shrimp tacos.

​There’s even an outdoor patio.

​In front of every bar seat is a charging station for patrons to keep their cellphone batteries topped.

​And behind the bar? 16 beers on tap, including brews from Guinness, Lagunitas, Revolution and SweetWater.

​Richie Rogulich and Nicky Bertucci are the men behind the bar and grill — and they’re neighborhood boys through and through.

​The 39-year-old lifelong pals grew up next door to each other in Armour Square, where they had a view of old Comiskey Park.