Flags by BG Restoration

The story of Brian, owner of BG Restoration:

“As a city kid, I 
grew up with values that were deeply rooted in the blue-collar Midway neighborhood that I was raised in. And if you’re like myself, you probably have a chip on your shoulder where all your pride resides for the few city blocks that you grew up on (and for whatever reason, that chip never seems to leave completely).

For me, the intersection of West 60th street and South Austin Avenue in the Clearing neighborhood is where most of my best memories come from!!

While I’ve been making wooden Chicago flags since 2015, I knew that it was finally time to add some customization to my pieces.  And what better way to show my neighborhood pride then to partner and collaborate with Grit Clothing Company!!!

In honor of this partnership, BG Restoration will be dropping 25 Limited Edition hand-made 3D Chicago flags! Each flag can then be CUSTOMIZED with the street corners you grew up on along with the neighborhood it resides in.

Born and raised in Chicago, I can’t think of a better way to show my neighborhood pride then through the creation of this new art piece!”